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Courtesy Round

In view of the Covid-19 safe measures, any member who wishes to obtain a handicap index will be exempted from courtesy round until further notice.

Courtesy Round
Members who wish to obtain a handicap index from the Society are required to undergo a Courtesy Round.

The main purpose of the Courtesy Round is to ensure that our members will have a good knowledge of the etiquette and rules of golf during the game as well as possessing a playing ability that is corresponding with the computed or assigned Handicap Index.

Pre Requisites for Courtesy Round
To be eligible for Courtesy Round, members should have:

  • Attended the Word Handicap System (WHS) & Rules of Golf Workshop conducted by the Society
  • Submit 3 (three) 18-holes scores with valid Course & Slope Ratings

Conduct of Courtesy Round
The Courtesy Round will be conducted at a golf course arranged by the Society.

Members will be assessed on their turnout, understanding and knowledge of etiquette/rules and overall playing abilities.

Turnout: Members should be punctual and show up at the tee box at least 15 minutes before the scheduled tee off time; failing which is deemed to be a major fault.

Golf Etiquette/Rules: Members should demonstrate their ability to abide by golf etiquette and to apply the appropriate rules of golf during the round. Failure to show basic etiquette, e.g. not repairing divots and pitch marks, not raking bunkers, slow play etc, is deemed to be a major fault.

Playing Ability: Members should demonstrate a reasonable skill in ball striking abilities.

Qualifying Standards
To qualify for a WHS Handicap Index, members:

  • Must not have two or more major faults

Any member who meets the above requirement will be awarded with a WHS Handicap Index.

Reconsideration for Courtesy Round
If a member does not quality for the award of a WHS Handicap Index due to lack of basic etiquette and poor understanding of golf rules, he/she may be asked to undergo the Courtesy Round again.

If a member does not qualify for the award of a WHS Handicap Index due to a lack of playing ability, another Handicap Courtesy Round may only be requested for after the submission of fresh 3 x 18 hole scores.

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