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Updates on SGA-R&A Level 1 Introductory Rules School on 23 Apr 16

The 1-Day SGA-R&A Level 1 Introductory Rules School held at Orchid Country Club on 23 April 2016 has been successfully concluded.

In total, 38 participants have attended the aforesaid Rules Education programme organised by the Society of Singapore Golfers.

The delegates came from all walks of life and the majority were golf enthusiasts. Aged between 12 and 79, the delegates attending the Rules School were from the following fields:

  • Golf Professionals
  • Golf Managers and Executives
  • Staff and students from the Singapore Sports School
  • SGA Developmental Squad Players
  • Competitive Players (e.g. Inter-Club League)

All delegates said they enjoyed and benefitted from the Introductory Rules School and also suggested to have more of such Schools conducted in future.

They have sat for the examination at the end of the day and 89% of them have passed the written examination. The highest attained a score of 96%.

The Society of Singapore Golfers as well as the delegates would like to extend their appreciation to the Singapore Press Holdings Limited and Eastern Publishing Pte Ltd for their invaluable support and contribution towards the success of the Rules Education programme.




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