Results for SSG-Tering Bay IAC 2019

The SSG-Tering Bay International Amateur Championship was held at Tering Bay Golf & Country Club in Batam, Indonesia, from 30 June 2019 to 3 July 2019.

It was a counting event for World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) and has had attracted a field of 94 players vying for the championship.

The following winners in the respective divisions are:

Men’s Division
Champion: Mr Sean Lee (Singapore)
1st Runner-up: Mr Nicklaus Chiam (Singapore)
2nd Runner-up: Mr Nathen Tan (Singapore)
3rd Runner-up: Mr Justin Kuk (Singapore)

Women’s Division
Champion: Ms Hailey Loh (Singapore)
Runner-up: Ms Callista Chen (Singapore)

Seniors’ Division
Champion: Mr William Houng-Lee (New Zealand)
Runner-up: Mr Ng Ah Hock (Malaysia)

Evergreen’s Division
Champion: Ms Choo Mui Lee (Singapore)
Runner-up: Ms Chong Yoke Ying Agnes (Singapore)

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