Results – Quarterly Tournament @ Warren Golf & Country Club

The above competition was held at Warren Golf & Country Club on 17 September 2015 with a total of 65 participants.

Winners of the following respective Divisions are:

Team Champion
Chew Hock Hai Nicloz
Gan Ah Chai

Men’s Division (Gross)
Champion: Tan Siong Kooi Terence (OCB)
2nd Place: Lee Yi Cheng Michaer (OCB)
3rd Place: Nicholas Paterson Hutton

Ladies’ Division (Gross)
Champion: Ong Lea Ling Helena

Seniors’ Division (Gross)
Champion: Goh Swee Heng Steven

Men’s Division (Nett)
Champion: Ling Ching King Francis
2nd Place: Chew Hock Hai Nicloz
3rd Place: Liew Gee Huat Desmond (OCB)

Ladies’ Division (Nett)
Champion: Ong Lay Khuan Susan

Seniors’ Division (Nett)
Champion: Ip Hon Lung Alan


To view the Team Results, click HERE.

To view the Gross Results, click HERE.

To view the Nett Results, click HERE.

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