Results – SSG Monthly Medal @ The Keppel Club

The above competition was held at The Keppel Club on 21 February 2019 with a total of 62 participants.

Winners of the following respective Divisions are:

Men’s Division (Gross)
Champion: Matthew Travis Rigby
2nd Place: Goh Swee Heng Steven

Ladies’ Division (Gross)
Champion: Mah Hung Mun Susan

Seniors’ Division (Gross)
Champion: Lim Wee Hun Charles

Men’s Division (Nett)
Champion: Ngiang Thian Chye
2nd Place: Duta Hadi Sriwaluya

Ladies’ Division (Nett)
Champion: Ong Lea Ling Helena

Seniors’ Division (Nett)
Champion: Nicholas Merrow-Smith

To view Overall Gross & Nett Results, simply download a copy of the followings: