Results – SSG Quarterly Tournament @ Warren Golf & Country Club

The above was held at Warren Golf & Country Club on 19 December 2019 with a total of 46 participants.

The respective winners in the following Divisions are:

Team Champion
Mr Duta Hadi Sriwaluya
Mr Lim Peng Sing Vincent

Men’s Division (Best Gross)
Champion: Mr Alexander Berry
2nd Place: Mr Ng Tiow Khoon

Men’s Division (Best Nett)
Champion: Mr Lim Peng Sing Vincent
2nd Place: Mr Lim Teng Cheong

Ladies’ Division (Best Gross)
Champion: Ms Yeo Lay Suan Agnes

Ladies’ Division (Best Nett)
Champion: Ms Ong Lea Ling Helena

Seniors’ Division (Best Gross)
Champion: Mr Lim Wee Him Charles

Seniors’ Division (Best Nett)
Champion: Mr Agung Sulistiawan